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Will the roots of cherry tree cause problems to house if 4metres away from building



Depends what kind of cherry tree - a small, weeping form should just about be okay, otherwise should be 40 feet away.

23 Sep, 2010


Yes I agree with Bamboo, I have a Winter flowering cherry that was already planted and well established (about 9' tall when I moved into my bungalow 10 years ago!! I feel it is far to close to the walls! about 6' away!! it is a shame but it is slowly growing to a height and width that is starting to worry me. So if you are planting one make sure it is well away from the house.

23 Sep, 2010


I agree but a lot depends on when your house was built. Since about 1980 foundations have to be at least a metre deep because of the drought in the mid 70's that caused the clay to shrink. Some very old houses have little or no foundations....not a good idea to plant anywhere near.

24 Sep, 2010


In answer to your question, yes ! We have a huge cherry tree outside our house which is causing subsidence to our property, it has been monitored now for a year and the conclusion now is the tree is causing it, they have dug down to our foundations and found the roots and dry crumbling clay, not good, but it is all in the insurance company's hands, our house was built in the 30's and the trees were planted outside each house but our tree is the tallest in the road and only 15/18 feet away from our door!!! The council, who own the tree, are going to fight it's removal, happy days.

24 Sep, 2010

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