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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

I’m not up on my insect I.D. Just wonder if anyone knows, or Eileen, what this insect is on one of my lavenders? There were two of them together.
Much appreciated. Thanks.




Looks like a leafhopper, but Eileen would know for sure. Colorful one. On closer look I have no idea. Eileen where are you?!

26 Jun, 2021


Thanks Paul! That’s helpful. It is quite a shiny little fellow! I’ll have to google leafhopper though! 😄
Eileen will be either out on the motorbike or in the garden I’ll bet - sunshine has arrived here this afternoon!!!
Will have to wait patiently!

26 Jun, 2021


That's where I would be, on my motorbike. Hot balmy summer days here in NY and we're bracing for another heatwave next week. That's when temperatures soar above 90°F for 3 consecutive days. I'm sure Eileen will come around to give your bug a name. For now, let's call him Charlie. Charlie - what are you doing?!

Your lavenders look great by the way. Mine didn't fair so well.

26 Jun, 2021


Hi Kate looks maybe like a rosemary beetle to me , .Found breeding in London in the 1990s initially.

26 Jun, 2021


Rosemary beetle for certain. Not really an issue or your plant but the RHS ask people to log it with them so they can see how it is spreading.

The survey is in the link to the RHS advisory page.

snap Jake

Neither Kate, doing housework as Toria's Dan's mum is coming up tomorrow so we can go and look at a wedding venue on Monday. Hubby is out on the sunbeam though.

26 Jun, 2021


Is that not a beautiful bug?

26 Jun, 2021


Thank you both, Kevin and Eileen. I shall log on as you've advised. Interesting feedback!!!

Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow, Eileen. Exciting for everyone!!!
See OH escaping the housework and preparation, bet you wish you'd been out there too, enjoying the sunshine!!!
Next time.

26 Jun, 2021


Paul, it really does look quite metallic...look forward to logging on and also informing the RHS!

26 Jun, 2021


Kevin, Eileen, I've put my report in to the RHS site.

26 Jun, 2021


Kevin and Eileen, I've put my report in to the RHS site.

26 Jun, 2021


That's a good tip SBG and Jake. I get these little beauties every year and didn't know that the RHS wanted info on the spread. I'll have to log it with them too.

26 Jun, 2021


The RHS also asks for info if you have fuchsia gall mite, hemerocallis gall mite and agapanthus gall mite. and many other pests and diseases you may find. They plot the spread of these pests and liase with Defra.

27 Jun, 2021

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