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Is cat muck bad if you leave it on the garden or shlould you always remove it,any tips on how to keep cats away?



I would remove it, as I don't believe the PH balance is right for growing. There are products that you can get from garden centres. My local Wilkinson has loads of stuff to keep cats off your garden. I have heard that pepper works well (until it rains.)

Hope that helps.

23 Sep, 2010


It's also disgusting when you're trying to weed or plant and you come across it unexpectedly!

23 Sep, 2010


And it has the wrong bacteria in it!

23 Sep, 2010


but considering cats have been doing this for millenia and the soil and the plants thrive. it is a human response not to like it. [I hate it too]. Left it will rot down due to the soil bacteria present. all part of the natural cycle of things.

24 Sep, 2010


I remove it if one gets in my flowerbeds! It's a definite 'YUK' from me!

24 Sep, 2010


i usually throw it over the fence into the garden of the cat owner. they dont like it either !

24 Sep, 2010


I wish I knew whose cat keeps coming door don't have any pets.

25 Sep, 2010

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