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has anyone grown a banana palm? they are on offer at my local b+q so i was wondering if its worth a punt on one

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You need a heated greenhouse now to house it in, it will be damaged by the first frost.

23 Sep, 2010


thanks doctor would indoors be ok for it? or wrapped up in a cold greenhouse?

23 Sep, 2010


Indoors would be best, but it tends to be on the dry side. If you are keeping it growing you will need a saucer of water for humidity.

23 Sep, 2010


Hi there

Certain Musa's are quite hardy though as Doctorbob says the first frost will damage the leaves. Basjoo is the japanese root hardy one ie it can be kept in the ground outside and the roots will survive a few degrees of frost though it will begin growth again from ground level.

The stem can be protected (so it begins the new growth from where it left off the previous season) by firstly cutting all the leaves off. Then you can get some pottery chimney sections and build them up to the height of the stem. Finally pack the sections with straw to keep the stem nice and snug yet able to breathe and last of all put a top that allows ventilation but not rain on the top to keep it dry.

Or bring inside to overwinter in cool frost free conditions it will simply require little watering and will just tick over not growing any more leaves.

If inside the house then again as Doc says humidity is important because bananas love to be wet when growing, in fact you can grow them as pond marginals.

My own are simply going to go into frost free storage to tick over as I don't have any planted in the ground to need the chimney method.

Hope this info helps you decide what to do


23 Sep, 2010

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