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I'm having problems with liverwort between my block paving. I could rake it all out but that would take some time. I believe that Glyphosate will not deal with it as liverworts are a different family to weeds. I wondered if Jeyes Fluid might do the trick. Amillatox is no longer available so any ideas what I can use.



Never found anything which gets rid of Liverwort, not even my trusty flame gun.
Jeye's Fluid kills everything so be careful about run off. Also it is deadly to cats so do not use if you have ones which walk across your paving.

29 Jun, 2021


Yes they are very resilient. Hubby uses a knife to get them out, though we have been lucky and not had many over the years.

29 Jun, 2021


Bayer Groundclear would probably do it, but you'd have to avoid run off into planted areas...

29 Jun, 2021


This makes interesting reading

29 Jun, 2021

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