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Angels fishing rod growing conditions. From the photo’s you can see my Angel fishing rod in my front circular border. It was planted last autumn, it gets plenty of light and it not overcrowded by other plants. On the plus side it hasn’t died but it hasn’t done anything either! There’s a lady down the road who’s got one growing in her front garden, and it’s looking marvellous! My question is why is it not growing or showing any signs of flowering? By pure coincidence was given one by a friend of mine as she changed her mind. Should I add that one or take old one out? Has anyone got experience growing them and could enlighten me or just tell me to be patient? Lol

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Lots of water in Summer and dry in Winter. Feed, feed, feed.
They became an absolute nuisance in our last garden when I forgot to dead head them.

2 Jul, 2021


They seem to take a while to settle in, in my experience anyway.

2 Jul, 2021


Thanks for that. Will try to get them going. I guess it’s a case of right plant for the right place.

2 Jul, 2021


If it’s any consolation, these are difficult plants!

3 Jul, 2021


Thanks Sheilabub! I will perservere for a while yet.

3 Jul, 2021


Not very experienced with these - I only have one and it has got pretty big with no TLC and flowers very well. Yours is just a baby and should cheer you up when it's had a chance to get bigger! Mine didn't grow particularly quickly so just be patient!
Owd, no chance of dry in winter here but that doesn't seem to bother it. In fact the only care it gets is cutting the flowered stems in spring.

5 Jul, 2021


I-have potted the other one up and will just wait and see what happens.

6 Jul, 2021

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