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hi all, its an identification please,
the lady across the road has had this plant for some years now and she has no idea what it is or why it seems to be struggling at the moment, she wondered if it needed repotting or something else, any help will be gratefully and graciously recieved


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looks like a dracena or similar and yes it is very pot bound.
Not sure how well it will perk up when repotted,
I think if it were me I'd repot then cut one of the stems done to about 12" and see if it resprouts.

6 Jul, 2021


thanks Seaburngirl, thats gimmi plenty to think about,

6 Jul, 2021


You can also pot on the new growth. I did it with mine and it’s thriving

6 Jul, 2021


thanks both of you, still undecided what she wants to do with it, but im very gratefull for any information on it

thanks again

7 Jul, 2021


It looks like Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata). It likes fast drainage, infrequent but heavy soakings, and regular light feedings. Medium to bright indirect light is best for it--it can survive a little direct sun, or low light, but that isn't going to help it in the state it's in now.

10 Jul, 2021

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