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Who can name this bug? He's been around for over a million years yet he still baffles scientists. What is this?




At first I thought it was the Cinnabar moth but it looks more like a beetle.

6 Jul, 2021


Looks like one of the firefly species. Photinus or one closely related to it.

6 Jul, 2021


Eileen is spot on as usual.

6 Jul, 2021


each different species has its own flight pattern/height and flash sequence. this usually ensures the right species mate.
Part of the A-level syllabus used them as an example of sexual behavioural and evolutional trends.

7 Jul, 2021


There must be many happy fire flies in my yard because it flashes like the Las Vegas strip. I understand different species have different colors too. These have a green/yellow flash. The chemical synthesis needed to produce such a light is quite amazing!

7 Jul, 2021

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