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Christmas Potatoes Anyone?
I ordered 10 tubers Second early Nicola from Jamieson Brothers and they sent me 2kg by mistake. They don't want the surplus back.
I don't need so many and would like to offer some - free of course - to anyone living in the Ealing area of west London. They are ready to plant out now.
I got some last year and had a very good crop that lasted into the new year.



How kind of you. I tried new potatoes one Christmas sadly everyone ate the roast ones so the next year I tried them for new years and they went down very well.

9 Jul, 2021


If there are any allotmenteers locally they would appreciate them!

9 Jul, 2021


I live in that area...but I'm just wondering where on earth I could plant them,...if I think of a place, I'll get back to this thread... how much room do they need for a small crop?

9 Jul, 2021


Thanks Drc726 and Shirley_Tulip. Hello Bamboo!
I grow mine in containers, three or four in a bag. You don't need much room, not even a garden if you have a bit of a yard. If you don't like the sound of those, you don't need a lot of room in the ground. I could let you have say half a dozen if space is a premium.

9 Jul, 2021

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