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By Pip_c

Southern Sydney, NSW, Australia Au

My bulbs (daffs, irises) have finished flowering - do i wait until the foliage has died back before removing the bulbs from the soil and can I plant them again next year? Thanks for all your advice about my bulbs... this is the first year I've done the bulb thing seriously.....



Basically yes, though I'm not sure what type of Iris you have.

24 Sep, 2010


Pip we never lift our daffs. from the ground - with the irises it will delpend which they are.

24 Sep, 2010


Confirm Daffs are best left in if possible.

24 Sep, 2010


Thanks all :o) not sure what the irises are... your standard bargain bin bulbs

24 Sep, 2010


Iris as actual bulbs are probably "Dutch" Iris, Pip, which I would either leave in the ground--especially if you can let them dry out over the summer--or throw them away: it's hard to get good conditions for storage out of the ground. Broad leaves in fans from ginger-like rhizomes is probably Bearded or Siberian Iris, neither of which like to be out of the ground for long--again, leave in, or toss, or maybe wait until late summer and transplant. Daffodils can be stored longer and survive, but it's bad for them.

25 Sep, 2010


Thanks Tugbrethil :o)

25 Sep, 2010

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