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Help needed! I bet no one here has been as silly as me!! I have come across some dried flower heads in a bag that I had saved to ripen the seeds and then forgot about them. Trouble is, I did not write what they were on the bag and now cannot recognise what they are, and have no recollection of when I even picked them. It must be this age thing!!:) I have placed a few seeds alongside the seed pods in case that might help anyone identify what they are. I really will have to make sure to label everything in future.:)Thank you for any ideas or thoughts you may have as to what they are.




Hellebores, probably x hybridus.
May not germinate if they have been dried out for too long.

13 Jul, 2021


Well this is the fun of gardening isn't it? I would just start them up in seed pods indoors and grow them on. Eventually they will reveal themselves to you. No double you'll be pleasantly surprised.

13 Jul, 2021


You are not alone Numbersfarm. I often can't remember the name of common plants I've had for years...
I bet somebody who's good at dried flower arrangements could really do something with those!

13 Jul, 2021


Thank you all for your replies. Owdboggy you are spot on!!:) And best of all, you have prompted my memory!!!:)
I did collect a few of the most ripe seed heads before chopping back the Corsican Hellebores earlier in the year. Phew! I can now rest easy....until my next memory lapse!:) Thank you once again.

14 Jul, 2021


yes I agree with Owd they are hellebores.

14 Jul, 2021


Like you, Yorkslass, I often can't remember the common names let alone the Latin ones! I know them all intimately but that doesn't stop my memory bank from closing early. What I don't understand is why we tell ourselves "I'll remember that" when deep down we know we won't.

15 Jul, 2021

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