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when do you prune a rose of sharon shrub



Rose of Sharon is usually applied to Hypericum calycinum, which isn't usually pruned at all, so I'll assume you're using it for Hyericum Hidcote - should be cut back hard in late March/early April, depending on where you live.

24 Sep, 2010


Hibiscus syriacus is also known as Rose of Sharon.

24 Sep, 2010


Well that's a new one on me, Tugbrethil, never heard it applied to Hibiscus before. Wonder if that's exclusive to the States?

25 Sep, 2010


Maybe, but it's pretty universal here, and I've never heard someone from the States refer to Hypericum as Rose of Sharon--it's always "Aaron's Beard" here. Funny about common names!

25 Sep, 2010


Yea, pain the proverbial, common names, you've never got any idea what plant people really mean... if you apply it to humans it's more obvious, I mean if I talk about the fat, bald bloke, that could mean any number of men, but if I say his name, then they all know who I mean.

26 Sep, 2010

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