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Who can ID this bug? Does anybody have any idea what this is? Thanks




Looks like one of the many hoverflies, [ a true fly] possibly a common dainty but I cant see the abdomen colours clearly.

24 Jul, 2021


It's probably beneficial. The larvae of most hoverfly species eat pests, such as aphids.

24 Jul, 2021


It looks like a slimmer version of Xylomyia maculata?

This site:

seems to say there are many species.

Apparently there is even a wasp that mimics (Xylomyia?) Xylomya czekanowskii - see this site:

25 Jul, 2021


That's a huge relief. I thought it was a menace of sorts. Thanks all.

25 Jul, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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