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By Neelam

Whats the use of this plant




It looks like a Fatsia but I don’t understand what you’re asking.

10 Aug, 2021


welcome to GoY Neelam.

It is certainly looks like a fatsia. In the UK it is an ornamental garden shrub, grown for its large leaves.

11 Aug, 2021


Sorry people, looks like Ricinus to me. Not shiny enough to be fatsia fom the photo.

12 Aug, 2021


that's where the problem occurs. Some Fatsia's are called a castor oil plant or false castor oil plant.

when the new growth develops what colour is it? Ricinus tends to be an annual in the UK where as Fastsia tends to be perennial. The ones I've seen tend to have reddish leaves, which is why I went for Fatsia.

can you give us any more detail?

12 Aug, 2021


Ricinus communis gets my vote - Fatsia doesn't have those 'shaggy' edges to the leaves. As for its use,there isn't one, its a decorative annual grown for its seed heads,but don't eat the seeds, they're toxic.

12 Aug, 2021


Extracts from the seeds can be used to repel pocket gophers or moles.

15 Aug, 2021

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