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My neighbor has a very large diseased double ash tree which would fall on my house not theirs. They cut one half but not the other. How do I prevent my insurance company to pay for the damage when it falls on my house. It will cause great damage. ( one large branch died and will fall in their new garage roof but the wife said she does not care).

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Not sure in US but in UK normally a letter to your insurance company, with supporting photos, pointing out the potential hazard & claim prompts the insurance company to write to neighbour requiring them to "fix it" or face any damages bill

Of course your insurance company may ignore it but at least you told them

A by product of a letter from your insurance company to your neighbour may be "words" between you, only you know how your neighbour is likely to react, sometimes a polite chat to them before you post the letter stops any ruffled feathers

16 Aug, 2021


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i think the suggestion of getting in touch with your insurers is a good one. If they are concerned they may indeed get in touch.

In the UK we have local councils that can intervene and force the householder to take action or they do the work then present the bill/cost to the householder.

Have you spoken to your neighbour about your worries?

16 Aug, 2021

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