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This is a further picture of a tomato grown in our garden, we’ve been growing tomatoes for many years and have not come across this before. Somebody said it was scorched from the sun but it’s soft and squidgy not like a scorched effect. I can only think it’s been caused by the wet weather this year. Any other views?

On plant We’re concerned it could be a disease that could stay in the soil




I suggested it might be blight. what are the leaves and stem like? The warmish wet weather is ideal for blight to take hold.

check photos on line and the rhs website link that I gave you last time. It is a useful site for all sorts of queries and you dont have to be a member.

19 Aug, 2021


Ok thank you. Some of the stems are dark brown in patches. I’m picking off fruits that are showing signs of this and hoping it helps to stop it spreading

19 Aug, 2021


that does sound like blight I am afraid.

19 Aug, 2021


Thank you Seaburngirl. Is this likely to kill off the entire crop?

19 Aug, 2021


yes it will unfortunately. it would also be wise not to grow toms or pots in he same garden soil next year too.

20 Aug, 2021


Ok once again thank you for your help Seaburngirl
Regards Andrew

20 Aug, 2021

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