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When is best to divide geums?

Geums are a perennial that I have become increasingly fond of. I now have several of these plants - all different colours. The oldest one is orange and is about 5 years old. It flowers well every year but this year was not so great - probably as we had a dry spring and summer.

So I want to divide my clump. I would normally do this around this time of year or slightly later depending on the plant. But have read that it may be best to divide in early spring. The plant is healthy just now and the heart is good and thriving.

What are the thoughts for the timing for dividing these plants?



i do mine in the early spring just as the soil is warming up. but that tends to be more I haven't done anything with them earlier.

24 Aug, 2021


Do you find that they flower the same season when you do that, Seaburngirl?

24 Aug, 2021


They have in the past yes. The RHS mag for this month came today and it says do it now, and only replant the strong healthy growth. Coz the soil is still warm they will quickly establish.

24 Aug, 2021


That's what I was going to say. Now is a good time to divide when the divisions still have time to recover before winter sets in. This is true for most plants - veronica, hostas, day liliies, etc.

24 Aug, 2021


I had used that logic with my lillies and have been splitting these and transplanting.

The forecast here for the next 10 days is again hellish. We have had so little rain and relatively warm temps for the west of Scotland. The next 10 days look the same.

However, I will split them and keep an eye on the watering.

24 Aug, 2021


I divided mine in September last year and they have only flowered this month but are now looking very good.

25 Aug, 2021


Thanks, Drc726. I wonder if you are suffering from the same problems we have here in the west of Scotland. Cold/dry spring - mild and warm/dry summer?

25 Aug, 2021


We just had a tropical storm sweep over us here on Long Island with 2 days of torrential rain non stop. It's just what we needed.

25 Aug, 2021


I think we need that too, Bathgate!

25 Aug, 2021

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