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What am I?

Well I thought it was rudbeckia but I now think I am wrong. Anyone know what this could be, please?

It stands around 1m tall and is currently beginning to bloom.

Also, do they make good cut flowers?

Img_1567_copy Img_1568_copy



More like a Helenium. There are a lot of them all almost exactly the same.
No idea about them as cut flowers, we don't go in for indoor blooms.

26 Aug, 2021


Thanks, owdboggy. I have planted some heleniums in the past but they have not flowered well. I thought the ones I had planted had also been yellow. However, this may simply be the first year this one has flowered so well. I moved it to its current location in spring too which makes me think it had not done well in its original spot.

26 Aug, 2021


yes it is an Helenium and could be one of many. They have about 5 days vase life in my experience.
It is happy in full sun though mine gets light shade from about 2pm and it flowers really well. It is in quite free draining soil.

27 Aug, 2021


Many thanks, Seaburngirl.

27 Aug, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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