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Lifting Heleniums

Can anyone tell me when I should lift Helniums for moving? Are they tolerant to being moved? Also are they short lived perennials? If they are, then I am probably wasting my time moving this one which is in its second summer.




Any time when the soil is warm and moist is a good time.
They ought to be long lived. Certainly the ones which survived in our last garden were there for the 20 years we lived there and my M.I.L. had Moorheim Beauty for even longer than that.
Have a look at for lots of different ones and maybe some info.

14 Sep, 2021


I split my Sahin's Early Flowerer in the spring just as it is regrowing. I have had mine for about 15 years now, so a good genus usually.

14 Sep, 2021


Thanks, I thought I had read that they were short lived. So, that is good to hear.

Did yours flower the same year that you split them, seaburngirl?

15 Sep, 2021


Thanks, Owdboggy, I'll have a wee look at that.

15 Sep, 2021


yes they did and they are doing really well; been flowering since May.

16 Sep, 2021

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