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Crows and Bugs and All That!

I have noticed recently the crows making a mess of my front lawn. They have dug up a fair patch of it and I assume that they are after chafer bugs or leatherjackets. Strange because we have never had this problem before. But several gardens in the area are showing signs of this.

Anyone got any advice on what to do about this? It is so frustrating as this has been the driest 7 months I have know here in the west of Scotland and only in the past 2/3 weeks has there been enough rain to make the lawn look like grass again.



The crows most likely found a banquet of grubs in your lawn. It happens. I don't know how they got there, but there are several products you can apply to get rid of them. Frankly, I just let the crows, starlings in my case, have a go and take their fill. Those products kill indiscriminately.

18 Sep, 2021


We had this problem a couple of years back and we just let the birds get on with it. yes they pulled up some of the grass but it recovered. I am expecting similar next year as we have had a lot of crane-flies this year and they will have laid their eggs in the turf. [locally called Daddy long legs, not the spider ones. gosh I hate common names!]

18 Sep, 2021


They really don't do any real damage - they just want those darn bugs. Then my gardener comes with his mower and it's like nothing ever happened. The grass looks fresh and healthy.

18 Sep, 2021


Thanks, guys. I was caught in two minds to whether or not to try to treat the lawn, but was not sure that was even possible. I suppose that the birds will remove whatever bugs are inevitably doing harm to the roots of the lawn, so I suppose I will end up leaving them..... other than chasing them when I see them.

19 Sep, 2021


If you really want to get rid now is the time to water with nematodes, but it sounds as though the crows are doing a good job on their own. Look at it this way - the crows are spiking the lawn for you and saving yo a job???

20 Sep, 2021

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