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Please see attached photos of a 'purple' smoke bush - please can you identify the problem - progressive brown 'dying' leaves - this happened 1 year or 2 back - then a well established tree. I cut the 'tree/bush' to nearly ground level. It has since regrown from the hard cut back - seemed to be doing well up to a few weeks ago. Will it do the same next year? Any comments welcome. As always will be appreciated. John S

24/9/21 - Sorry about the delay. Thank you for your previous responses - I have added two more pics. As suggested 'a freshly cut stem/branch' and 'infested' leaves - doesn't look to hopeful to me! - does this help with a diagnosis? Appreciate any further comments. John S.

Img_0609 Img_0611



is it just on one branch? Its hard to tell from the photo.
When you cut it back did the wood/stems have any discolouration /dark rings?

20 Sep, 2021


Have a look at Verticillium Wilt. Could be the answer.

22 Sep, 2021

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