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can I grow Mind Your Own Business - Soleirolia soleirolii in my garden and keep it in winter temperatures?

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It is very invasive, you may be sorry you planted it. I have mine in a pot.

26 Sep, 2021


yes it is quite happy outside over winter as my brother can attest too. He wishes it wasn't as it has taken over a rockery. So consider its inclusion with care.

26 Sep, 2021


Hi, I have it on my long rockery. Hywel and Eileen are right, plant it with care. I love it and it's spread extremely well!!! However I'm happy with this as a lot struggled on my vertical rockery!
I noticed it struggled a bit last year on my area when we had a long, hot summer. It did bounce back though!

26 Sep, 2021


Thank you all very much - I have it in pot , was thinking of having it on a part of garden that is isolated from anywhere else

26 Sep, 2021


I hope it behaves for you :)

26 Sep, 2021


It's not the only deeply invasive little beauty. I have sweet woodruff all over the beds and I loved it. Until I realised that its roots spread like mad under the soil. Took me ages to pull up roots smothering other small plants. .

1 Oct, 2021

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