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I'm so glad I found this wonderful site Growsonyou where people have been so helpful with all these lovely ideas from lovely people with their knowledge I can't wait for spring to arrive and try putting my carrots into a large pot with good top soil compost and chicken pellets and the spoonful of lime close to the plants of brassica's to help against club root, thank you again you wonderful people out there for helping us folk who are all benefiting from your kind knowledge, I take my cap off to you all
To top it off I found a runner bean on my crop this year 18" long that's about 450mm but was tough as old boots said my wife not being able put them through here hand bean slicer haha!... love her as she's almost blind now, she says she been training me for when she can't cope with the cooking, I don't how she does it as she always laughing no matter what she's doing, I was so lucky when I found her and then married her in 1965 ....thank you all again, keep safe out there

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yes this is a great site for getting help and advice and lots of ideas.

some of my longer runner beans are rather too stringy to eat too but I usually leave some pods on to fully develop then i have free seed for next year. I have done this for the last 20+ yrs. Do the same with broad beans too.

28 Sep, 2021


Yes this is a good site to exchange ideas and knowledge. I have a lot of friends here. Friends I never met and have never seen, yet friends nevertheless. Welcome to the site Kapt. Your contribution is most welcomed.

28 Sep, 2021


Hi Kapt Kenn,
What a lovely post! Thank you for telling us about your wife -she sounds a lovely person . Had to laugh about your super bean - hope you did manage to cut it and eat it between you! I have a nasty habit with tough ones of chewing them and spitting out the hard skins afterwards - well if you've grown them you don't want to waste them do you...

28 Sep, 2021


We does our bestest. We don't always agree, but then in life there are always differences of opinion. If you want to start an argument ask any three gardeners how to make compost and stand back and watch the fireworks.

28 Sep, 2021


I grow runner beans with my friend Barbara. I like the medium size ones and she likes the large ones.
Perfect harmony.

28 Sep, 2021


If I find old overgrown beans I take the actual beans out to cook in a stew and discard the stringy green parts.

28 Sep, 2021


Lovely post, enjoyed reading it.

29 Sep, 2021


Goog thinking Pennyfarthing. I'd thought about drying them and using them later in soup but not about using them fresh. Can set about that very soon!

29 Sep, 2021


Kapt Kenn. So pleased you find this group helpful and approachable. There is never a daft question as I have found out over the years. Everyone is treated with respect. Some expert members seem indefatigable and love helping us not-so-expert.

1 Oct, 2021

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