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Pot bound? This lovely bay tree, belonging to a dear gardening friend looks pot bound? Question is should she sacrifice pot to save bay tree? Are the yellowing of leaves normal for time of year and could she get away with feeding it at right time? She would like to keep the tree so I assume as it's been there for years the pot will have to be broken to get it out? Any thoughts gratefully received.

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It's a nice pot but I think you're right about the shape being such that it will need to be broken to get the bay out.
Don't know about the health of the shrub but someone here certainly will do.
I had this problem with a bamboo in a pot that was narrower at the top. After some deliberation I smashed the pot and now have it in a suitably shaped one.

2 Oct, 2021


I have been able to get plants out of such shaped pots in the past. It is an awkward job but can be done with some perseverance, you'll have to scrape a lot of the compost away but if you want to keep the pot it's worth doing. The plant will need fresh compost anyway.

As for the yellowing leaves I think it's normal at this time of year. I have several Bay trees, some in pots and some in the ground, but they all have yellowing leaves now.
It won't do any harm to feed them but I wouldn't do it now, wait until the spring.

2 Oct, 2021


Happy to report my friend got the bay tree out of pot without losing the pot it was in.

3 Oct, 2021


Well done your friend. It lovely in its new pot.

4 Oct, 2021


Excellent - I was just on the point of adding a comment saying the pot sides are not far from straight and that it would be worth trying to get it out. So glad, its a nice pot.

4 Oct, 2021


Yes was very pleased for her too.

4 Oct, 2021

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