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Hi I have a Clivia plant it has flowered twice. I have left seeds on hopeing they will ripped. I understand it can take about 9 months.Has anyone had success growing from seed?

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It seems like it takes forever to get the seeds to ripen, and since you have an indoor plant (mine is kept outdoors), you have to keep it watered and from going to rest. Typically. mine blooms in the winter, so I had to keep it shaded & watered all summer. When the seeds finally turn orange or red, clean them and remove the pulp and skin. I use a mixture of dirt, coco fiber and perlite. Put with eye down, cover & keep moist around 70°F. like an Amaryllis belladonna or Nerine. 4-6 weeks and there should be some growth.

2 Oct, 2021


Hi thanks for your comments Pollyanna

2 Oct, 2021

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