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Should the seed heads of Crocosmia 'Norwich Canary' be removed or left on over Autumn/Winter please?

On plant Crocosmia



You may find they will drop out and become self sown ones, or birds might eat them. I usually dead head my crocosmia so the corm builds up more for next year.
though they do look pretty when frosted.

6 Oct, 2021


Me too.

6 Oct, 2021


Many thanks for the replies.

7 Oct, 2021


I've deadheaded both my varieties of Crocosmia,Shirley,and just taken a bit of length off the tall 'Lucifer ' ones,so all the rest of the foliage will die down naturally now.

8 Oct, 2021


Thanks Sandra, it's going to be a weekend task as today is so grey and damp down here . . . :o(

8 Oct, 2021


I can't believe your weather today,Shirley.its been wall to wall warm sunshine here,at 21 degrees? and very similar yesterday too. I do hope you get a better weekend ..x

8 Oct, 2021


Thanks Sandra, beautiful sunny day today so the Crocosmia seed heads are no more!

9 Oct, 2021

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