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By Nite

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Possibly a silly question,but do you prune a pot planted Forsythia soon as it stops flowering,if so do you cut it right back to the soil? thanks.



They are pruned once the flowering is over. I would not prune as hard as that though. They do need some old wood from which to shoot.

8 Oct, 2021


Is it not possible to plant it out? They want to make a large shrub. They flower on branches grown in the previous year and/or the year before that. If you cut really hard back you will get no flowers at all. By the way it isn't a silly question at all - its always sensible to ask if you want to know.

8 Oct, 2021


I agree no such thing as a silly question. often silly answers mind ;o)

As said you need to prune it after flowering next spring.
When i had one in the ground I used to prune mine down to 2ft and the following year it grew to 4ft. year after year.

8 Oct, 2021


The only silly questions are the ones never asked. Potted or not, the same rules apply - for me. July 4th is the deadline for pruning Forsythia. Of course we don't live in a perfect world so you have a little wiggle room. How much to prune is up to you but not completely to the ground - it's too harsh and you won't get those gracefully arching branches that look like a fountain. I only prune out the old, broken & weird looking canes to freshen it up and to let sunlight & air in.

8 Oct, 2021


There are a couple of dwarf Forsythia (Bronxensis and one called Pauline) which would be ok in a pot. Neither of them grows to much about 30 inches or so.

8 Oct, 2021


Wow, I want one!

8 Oct, 2021

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