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Hubbie dug up loads (and I mean loads) of bulbs when he was planting some shrubs. Unfortunately they are all mixed up and some I recognise like the tulips and daffs, some smell like alliums! but there are a lot of smallish and tiny ones that I am not sure. Can anyone recommend where I could get an illustrated chart or similar for me to study and compare. I looked on the net but most images that I have seen are for more unusual specimens. Failing that I may just grow hotchpotches of them in layers in tubs and be way or another :)



Have you Googled Chart flower bulbs? There are several. I didn't see snowdrops though, which are smaller than crocus, pale and a bit pointed. Hope you find what you were hoping for!

9 Oct, 2021


Some could possibly be the Blue Muscari,or Grape Hyacinth, as well,as they are quite small,and the newer bulbs are very tiny,and are usually in a clump ? just a thought :o)

9 Oct, 2021


if the bulbs have been in the garden for many years they could be small bulbs that have grown from seed.

I had a similar situation about 5 yrs ago when we did some digging in the neighbours garden. They gave me the small bulbs and I grew them on. Some were snowdrops, daffs, pushkinia and alliums.
The crocus were easy to spot as they had a brown 'coat ' their shape was also more squat.

9 Oct, 2021


Wild garlic? You can't mistake that smell. I'm too lazy to figure out what each and every bulb is. I would just plant them back in the ground and see what happens next spring. I love surprises! lol.

10 Oct, 2021


Thank you all. I did think maybe some were Muscari and had forgotten about Puschkinia ( grew some for my daughter's wedding in 2015). I must try Google again but wasn't very impressed with what I found. I have made a couple of pots of what Sarah Raven calls lasagne ie 3 layers of bulbs plus 2 troughs with 2 layers so will wait and see with bated breath. The other hundred and more will be used around the garden. I thought about giving them to neighbours but not sure they are all viable as well as not knowing what they are, hopefully will find out in the Spring.

10 Oct, 2021

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