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Be afraid, be very afraid......

I found this growing on my front lawn yesterday. Scary huh? The second picture shows the grumpy old man after 24 hours on the windowsill. He’s a bit wizened now. Google tells me it’s a Blue Roundhead toadstool though it looks green in the photos. I’ve never ever seen one before even without slug damage. You need to turn the first photo sideways.

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All you need is some Dog's vomit slime mould on its chin and there you have Saint Nick!

15 Oct, 2021


A handsome fella! If you like scary movies.

15 Oct, 2021


Ooh Mummy, I don't feel very well...

15 Oct, 2021


The handsome fella has had his moment of fame so has now been consigned to the garden waste bin. Goodbye Grumpy.

17 Oct, 2021


Very appropriate for this time of year, Arbuthnot! Happy Halloween 🎃

17 Oct, 2021

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