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To harden off or risk it?
I've just received a Lavatera Barnsley Baby from Suttons. Its quite a lot smaller than I was expecting - not much more than a second year (or even this year's) cutting. It is in full leaf and looks as though its been raised in a glass house, and I can't decide whether to pant it straight out, try to harden it off a bit or put it straight in the ground. We have little frost here but a lot of strong wind and rain in winter. What would you do?



I'd keep it out of the ground but if roots are through to the bottom of the pot I'd pot it up into a slightly bigger pot. It will drop its leaves soon. I'd keep it in a sheltered spot, greenhouse/cold-frame/porch or close to the house wall. Once it has dropped its leaves it could go in a garage/shed to keep it frost free.

31 Oct, 2021


Sounds like a good plan - thank you, that's what I'll do then. .Will it need occasional watering in the frame do you think ? I am so forgetful these days and out of sight is out of mind... I have the back porch either but that gets very warm on a sunny day and the cats sleep there and might knock it off...(one of them is very talented at this)

31 Oct, 2021


It will not need watering if there is not any growth in the cold frame, assuming it doesn't turnn into dust of course

I have Barnsley Baby, about 3 years now, and it's a slow grower, in fact I thought it had died on me when it disappeared last winter it never showed up until summer and then only one shoot.

However to be fair it was only a Poundland one so doubt it was high class stock in the first instance

1 Nov, 2021


Oh dear, Grandad. Hope it does better in future! I think there's a newer variety now but couldn't find one as I can't remember its name...
Thank you both for your info and advice. Keeping my fingers crossed!

1 Nov, 2021

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