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Hello everybody—
After losing a number of fleece-wrapped plants to the long season of frost and snow last winter, l decided to bring the least hardy indoors and set them up under grow lamps ( because l don’t have enough windows!). Has anyone had any experience of choosing lights out of the bewildering array available, and noting their effects on pelargoniums, ferns, and other plants from warmer regions?



I am using them right now to keep my succulents sunny and dry. What I have found is that a full spectrum white is best, although I can get good results from the red/blue mix lights. Coverage of the area is important along with ventilation. A light is suspended over the plant(s) about a foot above them, and used 12-14 hours per day. A dark rest is needed by the plant. I favor the Mars brand LED types. Check out this site:

3 Nov, 2021


Thank you very much for your reply, Wylieinthea, and for the link. I will follow it up today!

14 Nov, 2021

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