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Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Hello never noticed these flowers/ buds on my euronymous before ?




They are the seed pods Kidsgran and aren't they a wonderful colour. The flowers are small white jobs in mid summer. I didn't know until I got seed pods one year. I then kept checking the following year.

3 Nov, 2021


Those are the seed pods. Open up to show a bright orange seed.

3 Nov, 2021


I only have had them twice - they're a lovely surprise aren't they? Incidentally can I be an interfering old biddy and suggest you cut off all those plain green shoots? If they are left they will gradually take over until the whole bush is plain green.

3 Nov, 2021


Thank you all and they are a beautiful surprise! and yes Steragram I will take an old biddys advice 😀 as they starting to take over.

4 Nov, 2021


Lol... that's just what they re longing to do...

4 Nov, 2021


I have Silver Queen which gets berries every year. However, they are quickly gobbled up by wildlife. Don't be alarmed if they are suddenly gone.

12 Nov, 2021

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