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Please can any orchid lover identify the species. It was given to me by a friend but he doesn’t now what it is called.




I'd hae to see the bloom to be sure, and to take the classification further, but it looks like a Dendrobium or one of its close kin.

22 Nov, 2021


my first thought was one of the dendrobiums, this is what mine looks like at the moment.

22 Nov, 2021


Thanks I think you are right. I have looked in my Orchid book again. Are they hard to get them to flower?

22 Nov, 2021


The different types vary somewhat, but they generally need moderate humidity (30%-50%); infrequent soaking, about the same as a Hen & Chicks would need; bright, indirect light or filtered sun--the leaves should be green olive color, rather than Kelly green--and a balanced fertilizer (20-20-20 or similar), preferably urea free, applied weakly once every 4 soakings.
Normal blooming time for the "Dendrobium phalaenopsis" group--not to be confused with the genus Phalaenopsis--is late summer and early fall. The D. nobile group bloom late winter through early spring. Other, rarer species and hybrids will bloom late spring and summer.

23 Nov, 2021


Keep in mind that dendrobium orchids go dormant over winter and can look like they are dead. The leaves will turn yellow and drop just as our deciduous trees outside do. This is normal. They loose their leaves and don't do very much. They don't need much water and no fertilizer during dormancy. They require this rest period. You can take advantage of this time to up-pot them with fresh new growing medium.

When temperature and light increase with Spring, they will resume growth and bloom in spectacular fashion for you. Then they'll need plenty of water and food. Here is an information sheet you will find helpful.

25 Nov, 2021


Go to........
I found it useful as I have the same Orchid as you, has all the info for the plant in the UK :o)) x
I must keep this Orchid happy as it was my Mum's, she passed away on the 31st October this year 2021.

27 Nov, 2021


So saddened to hear that Jackie about your Mum's passing. My thoughts are with you.

28 Nov, 2021


Thanks for your very useful and helpful advice.

2 Dec, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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