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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

For the last 3 days we have a visiting mole, is it possible to get rid of it as it’d digging all over the lawn..



You may be lucky. We never managed it, despite trapping and catching quite a few and having a mole catching cat living next door. The moles just moved back in.
Lots of rubbish advice about prickly things in the runs, smelly things in the runs, mole averting plants. electonic gadgets etc. None of them work.
Sadly traps do work, if you can put them in the correct place that is.

6 Dec, 2021


Thanks OB, have passed your message onto my son

6 Dec, 2021


Castor bean extract? If allowed in the UK, that is.
I know that it works on pocket gophers, and is supposed to work on moles, but I couldn't swear to that last, since we don't have moles, here in the desert.

8 Dec, 2021


I found moth balls down the runs to be effective.

8 Dec, 2021


They will naturally move on when they find fewer worms to feed on. but they do a lot of damage to a good lawn.
There doesn't seem to be any really effective treatment for them sadly.

8 Dec, 2021


Tried all those things like moth balls etc. The moles we had just dug another tunnel alongside the old one to avoid the things they did not like.
Sorry, hated doing it, but trapping was the only successful thing we did.
Unfortunately the so called humane traps are anything but. Moles will not survive being placed in another area.
a. They cannot take being above ground for any length of time and cannot dig quickly in virgin ground.
b. Relocated to an area with other moles, the new comer will be killed by the resident.
Guess who has done a lot of research on this!

8 Dec, 2021


Thanks guys (and gals). before your suggestions arrived my som was told to mix chilli powder up in a bottle of water and spray the aria. He did that and no signs of the little chap since.

10 Dec, 2021


I read that they hate vibrations. Some people use those little toy windmills stuck over the runs. I tried jumping or stamping over the runs to shake things up a bit and it seemed to work temporarily but whether the jumping was the cause I can't tell you.

11 Dec, 2021


PS I never use chilli any more, effective though it is because one day I got some in my eye, and I wouldn't inflict that on any living creature!

14 Dec, 2021


A mouse found his way into my house when it got too cold outside. My new cat Felix took care of business. Hank, evict him el pronto!

17 Dec, 2021


Thanks all for your comments, it’s the first mole we’ve had in 50 years and it’s gone now. If it returns we know what to do.

18 Dec, 2021

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