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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Hello, I've bought Paperwhite narcissus which I've planted in troughs in bulb fibre for indoor blooming. Now, I can't find the packaging and I'm not sure whether to bring them into the warmth or keep them more on the cool side. Does anyone know please?



If by the warm, you mean around 22º C, then I would put it there. Make sure that it gets plenty of light, or they will get too tall and fall over.

10 Dec, 2021


Thanks very much Tug, that's what I wasn't sure about, just how warm. I've put birch twigs amongst them as supports..

10 Dec, 2021


as Tug says next to plenty of light but away from any direct heat sources. do you have any growth showing? In the past I haven't brought them into the warm [from a cool dark coal house] until I have about 2" of growth].

10 Dec, 2021


Hi Sbg, yes half an inch of growth. I'd had them in my unheated greenhouse, and was bothered about the damp and rot.
Thank you they're on my kitchen windowsill now..

10 Dec, 2021


Just an.update, they're growing very well now, and I'm sure they're well.on their way..:)

15 Dec, 2021

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