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Thinning hedge
We have small hedge may be Osmanthus but not sure...this year has been thinning losing leaves. Wondering if is water/nutrient issue and also maybe spacing of plants too close? Thanks

Img_20211211_wa0006 Img_20211211_wa0005



Have you add any slow release fertilizer to it at all? I think that would be the first place to start. Also has the area got waterlogged? being too wet at the roots is just as bad as being too dry.

12 Dec, 2021


Here in the desert, I would have diagnosed it as a salt build up in the soil. In the UK that is probably rare, except near the sea, or where rock salt (sodium chloride) has been used as a de-icer, instead of road salt (calcium chloride).

12 Dec, 2021

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