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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a leaf vac that chops them up as it vacs and I have 3 large sacks full. Monty Don tells me that in a year it will be ready for use. Really ? Isn’t this a bit optimistic ?



I forgot to add that I soaked them well before I fastened them up.

1 Jan, 2022


In my limited experience, I think it depends on the leaves. I never chopped my red oak leaves and they took two years to break down. I think SBG said that beech take 3 years. Other friends here will know more.

1 Jan, 2022


it rally depends on which leaf. Oak and beech have a high tannic acid content and will take much longer to break down. My beech take on average 3 years. they also need a good airflow through them or they stagnate.

1 Jan, 2022


I always used shedded leaves as mulch but never for composting. I really don’t see why shredded leaves should take 3 years to break down. Next time to assure a quicker composting time, how about this......shred then shred again or even shred 3 times.

3 Jan, 2022


I thank everyone for their advice, i did poke holes in the bottom of the bags and I did put the leaves through the vac for the last bag, wish I’d done for them all.
I now need to know what sort of trees they came from. Thanks again.

3 Jan, 2022


Not bagged up. I've applied to leaves to the planting beds already. The constant exposure to wind, rain, snow & temperature flux hastens the decomposition process. I agree with Monty. What kind of trees are they from? The best ones! Everything, who knows? I don't have time to sort that out, but last years leaves are all gone already.

5 Jan, 2022

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