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Happy New Year Everyone!
Wonder if you could throw a couple of ideas my way. I am trying to convert a small part of our grounds where I have been growing vegetables.
I have now decided it might be a nice idea to plant a couple of small trees or medium sized shrubs there instead, preferably evergreen. I already have a couple of conifers in the next plot so don't need those here as well.
There is some sun in the morning but it tends to go off in mid afternoon and is a bit on the shady side.



Happy new year to you too.

Sarcoccoca, Pittosporum ,Escalonia Camellia, some of the smaller Magnolia, Mahonia, Daphne.
these are the ones that spring to mind for me and several flower and scent the garden in winter/early spring.

9 Jan, 2022


When planting trees or shrubs spacing -which is limited by the plot size-is important especially with limited sunlight. With regards to the sun the direction of the light may have to be taken into account so one tree does not cast too much of a shadow upon the other.

10 Jan, 2022


If you have acidic soil, you could also try Pieris forest flame and Loropetalum … both very pretty.

Happy New Year!

10 Jan, 2022



10 Jan, 2022


Viburnum tinus will put up with almost any conditions and flowers right the way through the winter. This can quite quite large in time, but there's a more compact form called 'Ladybird' that only grows to around four feet. I bought one mail order from Kelways a couple of year ago, and its thriving in heavy shade. I can also recommend Kelways

10 Jan, 2022


Thanks everyone. I'll take a look at these, some of which are already familiar to me and which I have grown before. Thanks also to Loosestrife2 for that extra bit of information. Cheers eveyone!

14 Jan, 2022

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