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I have a small garden which has a high wall but dips down to a fence. The problem I have is my garden shed which is very visual from both the kitchen patio doors and my lounge patio doors. I want to hide the shed without making the garden look any smaller than it already is but want it to be modern without using lattice woodwork. Any ideas?

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Why not "lattice woodwork"? On one wall of the shed, a trellis could soon be virtually covered by climbers: depending which way it faces you could try Clematis armandii, Jasmine, Hydrangea petiolaris (not quick growing), or Humulus (golden hop) which is very fast-growing but dies back in the winter. I guess an evergreen climber would be best.

26 Sep, 2010


Have a look at Goypeadia at 'Shed ideas' some members have painted to look like Beachhuts and others as Summerhouses using great wood colours such as Blue and white and some have used hanging baskets - lots of ideas for you to ponder?. May be making a feature of it will help it to fit in rather than disappear?

26 Sep, 2010

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