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Acidanthera and Hymenocallis

Renfrewshire, Scotland Sco

I recently bought some Acidanthera and Hymenocallis in my local Sainsbury's. I have never gronw them and know nothing about them. I do not even recall seeing them in my area. But temptation overcame me and I thought I would give them a try.

I suspect this was absolute folly as they seem quite sensitive plants and unlikely to enjoy a west of Scotland winter........ or summer!

I have planted them in pots today as there is no way I reckon they would ever develop in the soil here before at least beginning to grow.

However, I would enjoy hearing the experiences of others and any hints they have on how to grow them.



I grew some this year and they did very well. They won't overwinter outside but I did have success overwintering them one year by leaving them in the container and letting them dry out . I got a second year out of them. They are such lovely things it well worth trying - good luck!
Can't advise you for your part of the world though. Here in SW Wales its generally mild and wet. You could try in a greenhouse if you have one?

28 Jan, 2022


I find that the Acidanthera (now Gladiolus murielae) is a summer grower and flowers in the fall. In pots, it can be given a dry winter rest. I am able to grow them in the ground and have had them since 1994! But they do very well in pots. They also start growing fairly late, around mid-summer.
I do have one of the Hymenocallis and it needs similar treatment as the Acidanthera - dry winter rest. But it starts growing in the spring. I have had it only a couple of years and I am waiting for the first flower. With some of these bulbs, they don't like to be disturbed and take awhile to settle in. Also make sure it has free draining soil.

29 Jan, 2022


I have had success with them in pots as previously said. The Hymenocallis stayed with me for about 4 years then it produced leaves one year then nothing and the bulb had died/been destroyed.

29 Jan, 2022


Thanks everyone. I will play it by ear (?) and see how things go. They are in pots just now and can transfer them to containers when it is time to brave the outdoors.

When you overwintered them, did you lift the bulbs or simply let the pots dry out?

29 Jan, 2022


I let the foliage die back then mid/late November I just put the pots in the unheated greenhouse under the staging. The following spring I knocked them out and replanted in fresh soil.

29 Jan, 2022


I had them planted in a trough, and just moved the trough into the garage. Fingers crossed for this year.

29 Jan, 2022


Thanks Seaburngirl and Steragram.

31 Jan, 2022

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