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Having log in problems yet again. It recognises my login name but that's as far as it goes. The only option I can see is to rejoin Goy, but can't do that because it remembers my email address and says its been used already (course it has, by me...)by me...)So I logged out for a fresh start but now can't discover how to log in again.



Sorted (for now...)

2 Feb, 2022


that is a bother and thankfully not one that I seem to have a problem with, grabbing some wood as I type this. Not that I am superstitious you understand.

2 Feb, 2022


Thanks Eileen. Happily my son sorted it this afternoon - involved a large scale reinstallation of something, and happily its working again. I can now reply to several Facebook messages that I couldn't access too as well. It seems that grabbing the wood worked for you!

3 Feb, 2022


Except that its happened again! Apparently the computer clock is at fault.and even the reinstallation didn't help. Still today it didn't prebent Goy opening which is something to be glad about.

6 Feb, 2022

How do I say thanks?

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