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Another bird ID.
Last year (I think) I asked for ID for a beautiful song I heard but couldn't see the bird. Still don't know for sure but I think now that it may have been one of the warblers.
This time I'd like a different ID. The call was peepeepeeeep but a slightly deeper tone than that of the tits. I've looked through my bird books but they haven't given a definitive answer. Can anyone help please?



probably a dominant male great tit. they tend to be deeper and more 'irritating'.

5 Feb, 2022


There are recordings of birdsongs on line, but you have to put the suspected bird in one at a time until you find your match. good luck!

7 Feb, 2022


I’ve tried online but without much success. Perhaps you’re right in that it’s a dominant male. Sorry for his ‘wife’ though!

9 Feb, 2022


only dominant over other males haha. She will rule the roost literally.

11 Feb, 2022

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