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Clematis freckles

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I had a cl freckles in my last garden and it was beautiful so I planted one here. Not too happy with it. There’s plenty of growth, too much in fact, but the blooms never seem to fully open to show the lovely insides, they just hang. Nor are there very many of them. It’s done the same since planting some years ago. Is it the mild winters or something I’ve done? I feed regularly - but maybe at the wrong time? I’ve been tempted to dig it up but knowing how lovely it can be I’m reluctant. I’d welcome advice please.



Clematis like shade at the bottom and a good lengthy exposure to full sun for the rest of the plant. If you have that it should not have any problem providing you with flowers.

9 Feb, 2022


perhaps you are overfeeding so it is making leaves and not flowers. lay off the feeding this year and see what it does next year.

10 Feb, 2022


Thanks Loosestrife. My Freckles is against an east facing fence with a rose bush and other plants in front of it so there would seem to be enough shade. Perhaps, though, I should try to dig it up and move it to the other side of the garden where it would get the afternoon sun instead. That’s if I can a) find a space for it and b) manage to dug it up in the first place! Needs some thought.
Thanks again.

10 Feb, 2022


I did wonder, SBG if I had overfed it but I can't remember how often. Not that often I would have thought though the one we had in our last garden hardly ever got fed so perhaps that is the reason.
Thank you both.

14 Feb, 2022

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