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Hi everyone, please could you advise what to mix with my peat free compost and top soil to lighten it and help with drainage, I have some pearlite but using deep plastic tubs so they can be permanent. Or what could I put at bottom to make lighter and use less . The tubs are apox 16"h x16dp x 24. Mostly going to be used for bedding. Was thinking horticulture grit but it's still heavy and expensive for me . Thanks



to fill up some of the pot use chunks of polystyrene or the packing noodles in the base.

To lighten the soil and open it up there is perlite and vermiculite as well as grit. The first two are lightweight.

10 Feb, 2022


Beat me to it SBG, the last delivery I had the plastic bobbles claim to be bio degradeable.

I've used broken poly packaging in base of large pots and found it ideal

11 Feb, 2022


the modern beige packing noodles are starch, unflavoured wotsits sort off.

11 Feb, 2022


Many thanks .

11 Feb, 2022


Be advised that 16" deep of soil is just enough for some of the heftier bedding plants, such as petunias, snapdragons, or pelargoniums.

13 Feb, 2022

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