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What do I do now with the beautiful lilies I planted this year for the first time ever - they have been magnificent but I don't know what to do over winter and I'd quite like to move them away from two large shrubs which tended to overshadow them as the summer wore on.
Also - what to do with large begonias - in terra-cotta pots - also magnificent this summer but now looking rather sorry for themselves - and also my first time of planting!



The lilies will have formed bulbs under the soil and you can dig them up and move them or pot them up. The Begonias (assuming that they are the large flowered kind and not what are called 'fibrous rooted' which have small flowers and are grown for small bedding displays) will die down and there will be a bulb-like tuber under the soil. Put the pots in a greeenhouse etc and let them dry out. Or dig out the tubers and keep them in a frost free place ready to replant next Spring. Make sure that you plant them the right way up (they are usually slightly concave on top).

26 Sep, 2010

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