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Three weeks ago I took delivery of a Mimosa from Radio Times (Photo 1). I have kept it since then in my conservatory, which has a little background heat overnight to protect things from frost (works well with geraniums, which I have over-wintered several years). I plan to put it outside when the warmer weather arrives, but I am concerned that both flower buds (Photo 2) and leaves (Photo 3) appear to be dying. Do they look OK or should I be doing something else besides watering?

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While it is over wintering inside it must be kept on the cool side & they don't like to dry out also don't over water, stand it in a tray with pea shingle so any water can drain out when watered.
I have one that was kept in a pot outside for a few years but when it got bigger I planted it in the ground last year as the leaves kept ending up like yours, at the moment it is full of flowers, it looks beautiful but I don't know how it would be if we had freezing winters?
All the best with yours

I hope someone can give you advice as I'm only going by how I looked after mine :o))

16 Feb, 2022


Thank you for that, Ladyessex1. I guess you are in Essex? I'm in Wiltshire, so the conditions are probably similar.

I took it off the tray it had been on, just for the photos, but replaced it afterwards. As you can see, it's already a fair size. The box it came in was a little too small and the top was bent over, so I straightened it in hopes the bend will grow out. I guess it is too soon to expect much in the way of flowers, but we are looking forward to seeing them eventually.

Would you say yours is about the same size as ours? If so, maybe when it gets warmer I should find somewhere to plant it outside, or at least move it to a bigger pot than the one it came in. What do you think?

16 Feb, 2022


Mine didn't like being in a pot in the end, leaves would dry out & twigs would snap off :o((
Where ever you put it you will need a lot of space, if in the ground even more space as they get really big but once its flowered you can prune & shape it :o))

I have put pics of mine in my Photos, Ha! I'm hoping mine survives the strong winds we are having tonight & even stronger winds to come Ooooo! Errrr!

16 Feb, 2022


My goodness! What a stunner! I guess we were a bit lax in not doing any homework on the Mimosa before buying it, as if it gets as big as yours I don't know where it will go. Our garden is smaller than yours and what space there is, is pretty well occupied. Maybe something will have to go, but what? Don't want to lose anything, so will have to do some serious thinking.

Not looking forward to the arrival of storm Eunice. Someone on TV said that Dudley and Eunice sounded like a really nice couple, but I don't think these would fit that description. Let us know how your garden survives (or not). Let's hope you are sheltered enough to avoid nay disasters.

17 Feb, 2022


It could be just a bit of relocation shock and or transplanting shock if it was placed in another container before shipping. I think that it will recover nicely in time

17 Feb, 2022


Thanks Loosestrife2. That's very encouraging.

17 Feb, 2022

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