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I bought some autumn bliss canes in may i think and didn't expect them to do anything this year as they were late planted and it was their 1st year. Now they have grown away very well. Theold part of the cane is about 18 inch to 2 feet high. The new shoots that have come from the old canes are abot 6 feet tall and very healthy and green. The old leaves on the same cane have shriveled up. I was hoping that it wouldn't affect them next year. Anybody no why this has happened? thanx



OK Petitebabe brace yourself - - - cut the lot right back to ground level. As long as it is Autumn Bliss then next years new growth will be producing fruit in the Autumn.
If it is a summer fruiting raspberry then you cut out the canes that fruited this year leaving the new canes to grow on.
Autumn Bliss is a superb variety & so easy to grow & prune as there is no guess work. Happy snipping.

27 Sep, 2010


Thanx bizzyb it's autumn bliss that i have. should i cut it back now or wait until february which is when i believe you shoud cut back autumn fruiting raspberrys?

28 Sep, 2010


some say prune now as it gives the new growth a boost as they have no competition but to be honest Feb is fine. I havent done anything to my A'Bliss as there is still fruit but it's swings & round-abouts, easier to tidy up in the Autumn as opposed to a Feb freeze. One thing is for sure you cant hurt them although it seems drastic ( actally it's quite good fun ). I have 3 varieties, early,mid & Autumn & without doubt A'Bliss is far superior in taste & a better plant to care for I think. Happy harvesting next year.

28 Sep, 2010


thanx bizzyb i will do it now as the plant is not fruting anyway as this is it's first year. I hope to get lots more fruit from it next year

29 Sep, 2010

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