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Lemon scented geranium. This donated plant is looking rather spindly and has got leaf die back? Any suggestions to stop this from getting any worse? Should I feed it? Any suggestions gratefully received.

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I'd cut it right down & let it grow up again from the bottom 3or 4 inches. Make cuttings of the good tips & put all in a nice light warm place. Don't over water. Can't tell from the photo, but looks a bit wet. Maybe some fresh, drier compost?

2 Mar, 2022


Thanks feverfew.

2 Mar, 2022


I agree with Feverfew, but they do tend to be more leggy than the none scented ones.
They do look a little wet.

2 Mar, 2022


It also looks a little starved for light, to me. It will need hardening off to the sun, but some direct morning sun will probably help.

3 Mar, 2022

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