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Hi all, Sorry another question, I bought some large plug plants of Vision Violet Geraniums, I potted them on when they came and were doing well, but i have just noticed a white furry substance on the stems, thank you for any help.



I would say that its mildew. You can treat it with a fungicide but as they are young plants, I would use a more dilute mix. Having said, how long have you had these plugs? It could be that they had become infected before you received them. So if it is just a short time then I would get back to your suppliers with a complaint.

3 Mar, 2022


also reduce watering and improve air circulation around them.
some do have a light 'furry' appearance though.

But if you have only had them a fortnight or so then perhaps contact your supplier.

3 Mar, 2022


Thank you jimmytheone, for your advice.

3 Mar, 2022


I think its my fault SBG, I have had them about a month, do you think I should put them outside during the day? thank you for your advice.

3 Mar, 2022


I wouldn't put them outside as even cold winds will damage them at this time of the year.

3 Mar, 2022


No far too cold at the moment. try and space them so there is about 12" between each plant.

3 Mar, 2022


Thank you so much both of you for your help.

4 Mar, 2022


Depending on how thick the "fur" is it might be a case of mealybugs.

5 Mar, 2022

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