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Kalanchoe? Leaves on stem


By Siris

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hywel. The leaves are on a stem about 12 ins with leaves with (seeds/proliferations) around the edges. The flower head is at the top of the stem. I would be pleased if you are able to identify.

On plant Kalanchoe

Img_6642 Img_6618



Kalanchoe daigremontiana, Mother of Thousands

4 Mar, 2022


Bryophyllum daigremontiana was its former name and I used it a lot at school to show natural asexual reproduction.
I used to give each pupil 'a baby' and let them grow it on and I used to give a prize to the best specimen.

4 Mar, 2022


Thank you for it's latin name, I'll do a new label.
Actually SBG, I gave a tiny seedling to each of the (identical) twins (boys) next door.

4 Mar, 2022


I've been beaten to the post lol yes it's
K. diagremontiana, or Mexican hat plant ... why I don't know, I prefer the botanical name myself.

4 Mar, 2022


With those narrow leaves, I suspect the cultivar 'Octopus'.

5 Mar, 2022


Thank you again.
Ive just noticed GOU has brought up pics of this plant at the bottom of this question page.

5 Mar, 2022


It does that sometimes ...

5 Mar, 2022

How do I say thanks?

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